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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Guild Rules Icon_minitimeSun Oct 11, 2009 4:12 am

behavior as an Exile member:
-No harassment towards fellow guild members or any other player will be allowed. Making fun of a persons Origin’s, Age, Name, Sexual Orientation’s, Incapacity's, or anything similar in a repetitive manner will be considered harassment.
First case: Warning
Second case: Kick from the Guild
Re-invitation NOT possible. Harassment will not be tolerated.

-Cursing and insulting a specific person in the guild channel beyond a simple joke will not be allowed.
First case: Warning
Second case: Warning
Third case: Kick from the Guild
Re-invitation possible depending on GL decision. Take a time to cool off.

-Personal disputes between guild members will be kept personal, you are free to choose who is your friend. BUT if this affects the guild in general, affects raids in anyway, causes a splitting of sectors inside the guild, a serious warning will be issued to both involved, without caring who started it, to solve the matter swiftly or end up guild-less. If one side is willing to end the dispute and the other keeps being a pain in the ass, it will be considered Harassment so go back to the top and read about how we deal with Harassment.
-Bug exploitation will be kept as low as possible, beyond it being an unfair way of playing, it gives the guild a bad reputation and may actually lead to you getting banned,

General game-play rules as an Exile member:
-(For looting issues refer to the Raid's section posted below.)
-There are no profession requirements to be member of Exiles, however to be a major asset for the guild its highly recommended that every member takes up 1 or 2 primary professions.
-Item trading inside the guild should be kept free of charge. In the event of shortage of money, just ask for it to highest level members. Collaboration in this aspect is highly encouraged.
-Guild Bank: You are free to use the Guild Bank as you please and we expect you to both give and take.

Leaving the guild:
If you want to leave the guild tell me ingame or send me an ingame mail, explaining why you are leaving.

Rejoining the guild:
In some cases we allow players to rejoin the guild, but once you have been a member and decides to leave, or are kicked, do not expect a "welcome back" to the guild.

Guild Chat Guidelines
All guilds are social guilds. The real point of this guild is to have a bunch of like-minded friends to experience and enjoy WoW with. It only takes a few bad occurrences in /g to turn guild members away from the primary communication channel of the guild.

Here are a few rules. If you choose to ignore them, you may be subject to dismissal from the guild. It is your responsibility to tell potential new recruits that this "/g Code of Conduct" exists.

--No spamming /g for items, groups or help in getting items. Do not assume people in /g are your entire source of items that you need. Ask once or twice, then give it a rest if there are no offers. Do not badger people.

--Ranting at someone, also known as "flaming" is not acceptable.
--WRITING IN ALL CAPS is the equivalent of yelling and should be avoided.
--In the event that you feel like responding with a hostile message, stop. Get some distance. Later clarify what are the issues and send a respectful message instead.
--Careful with your boasting. It's fun and gratifying to announce things like earning a level or finding a great item, but incessant gloating over your gear and abilities is obnoxious and should be avoided.

--Be supportive. If you have an answer to a question asked in /g, speak up and help! If you dont have an answer say so instead so the member dont feel like an outsider or ignored.
--Be cognizant that not everybody has the best typing or expressive skills and that there is generally more than one way to take something that's said in /g. Give guild-mates the benefit of the doubt if something is said that rubs you the wrong way.
--Enjoy /g. It's the lifeblood of guild communication!
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Guild Rules
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