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 Guild Vault access and rules

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Guild Vault access and rules Empty
PostSubject: Guild Vault access and rules   Guild Vault access and rules Icon_minitimeThu May 31, 2012 11:04 am

Guild Vault rules
- Do not put gear if it's not blue (rare) or purple (epic)
- Do not over-stack items. The ammount of needed items differs from item to item, so use your judgement

Guild Vault access rights
Lich King
- Full access to all tabs and gold

- Full access to all tabs and gold

- First tab: 15 stacks
- Second tab: 10 stacks
- Third tab: 10 stacks
- Fourth tab: 6 stacks
- Fifth tab: 7 stacks
- Sixth tab: 6 stacks
- Gold: 500

- First tab: 5 stacks
- Second tab: 5 stacks
- Third tab: 5 stacks
- Fourth tab: 6 stacks
- Fifth tab: 5 stacks
- Sixth tab: 0 stacks

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Guild Vault access and rules
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